Monday, July 2, 2012

Sales | update

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I bought the bracelet and the shoes at Zara.

Scarf from unknown and le pliage from Longchamp in light blue M.

From left to right: Dress A.P.C., Plain white tee American Vintage, Lace tee and peace tee both Zadig et Voltaire, Blue cotton dress from Ganni.

In love <3

I think I haven't shop that much yet in the sales, but I'm still planning some stuff such as a bikini, skirt, dress...
Have you already shopped a lot off price? Do you have favourite sale spots?

Marie is back since today, give her a rest and she'll be back soon with some posts! :)

Emma XXX

1 comment:

MsAprilFish said...

Oooooh die T-shirt van Z&V stond ook op mijn wishlist! Ik spotte hem in Knokke, maar wilde de volle pot niet betalen :)