Friday, July 27, 2012

Plemster is back in Ktown!

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Hi friends! I'm actually back from Italy since Wednesday but I didn't want to interrupt Bibi's posts! Did you like her posts? Well I surely did! It's great to have such a friend as Bibi, not only for blogging but she's a great funmaker and of course a great friend too! :) 
Italy was extremely hot and I'd like to show you some pictures I took :) I also met Marie back there in Lucca for a nice chat uptime :) Soon my shoplog :)

Melon and ham all over! Lovin it!

Me and my brother. Me wearing: Zara vest, Z&V shirt, Asos skirt, Zara shoes, Oman scarf.

Spotted: pregnant cat

Still convincing my parents to buy me a fiat.

Epic photo!


Sending postcards

Aperol Spritz, best ever made :-)

Entirely true

I'm such a lucky girl, still going to London with my parents, hopefully get some Olympic spirit and then the trip of the century, me and Marie, Kaat en Emma going to NY! :)

Emma XXX
PS: Congrats Bibi again, loving what you wrote!

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