Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MARIE | Italy outfit 'foodshopping'

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Hi girls!
How are you?
I'm back from Italy since Sunday and it was really nice.
You may expect some photo diaries for the upcoming posts :)!

This was my outfit for the first day when we went foodshopping!
I've chosen for a t-shirt because the temperature is usually kinda low in a supermarket, especially in a warm country like Italy. 
The pictures are taken by my little brother (although he's 185cm or something haha).
He didn't want to spend his time on this, though he had some creative ideas like the first picture. 
I would say good job bro!

hat from Action | t-shirt from Maison Scotch | Shorts from America Today | Slippers from Roxy

And today I'm going to make brownies with the recipe from Emma, you can find it right here!

Have you been travelling so far this summer?



Bernadina Ayu said...

cute pict, love it:)

following you, mind to follow me back? :)

Lara Rose said...

Nice hat!!