Sunday, September 30, 2012

I heart it!

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If I could make a large moodboard with everyyyything on it, then it would probably look like this. These images are currently dwelling in my head. 

all We <3 it 

XXX Emma

Friday, September 28, 2012

OUTFIT | Leopard

Me trying to be a model hahahaha
Jacket Unknown | Blouse Object via Sans Online | Jeans Urban Outfitters | Scarf Unknown | Earrings local from Italy
I love this outfit because everything is supercomfy! 
And as school has started comfy is recommended to sit 7 hours in class, but we're seniors now!
Cool, huh ;)?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gala @ the movies

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Tomorrow Marie and me are going to the fundraising of a friends' charity. They collect money for the foundation of Luka, who died of cancer. I think it's really generous and fantastic what they're doing! I admire them a lot. It's with pleasure that I'm going to this fundraising which is actually a movie and a reception. Looking forward to it!

I ordered a new dress on Asos. This is it!

XXX Emma

Saturday, September 22, 2012

OUTFIT | Wood + extra

Jacket Abercrombie&Fitch | Blouse & Legging Berschka | Necklace H&M | Shoes Cecile

Just a comfy outfit for school!
I bought the jacket in New York and I wear it almost every day. It fits with everything!
Probably a real good investment haha :)

And after making these outfitpictures, I felt like baking so I made applepie!


Almost ready!
I wasn't able to make a picture of the pîe when it was ready because my family was all like: PIEEEEE
And then ... it was gone ;)


NYC | Photodiary 6

Cfr. Pilot of Gossip Girl!

Amazing (!) ceiling! 
Beautiful Kaat
Emma & me
Rockefeller Center
Our lovely team white (our travelling group)
Just chilling
Carrie's house!
Magnolia Bakery!
Yummmm Me, Laurence, Jill and Céline!

Times Square by daylight.

Brooklyn Bridge!

Me and Marcellino, such a fun person!
Flatiron Building
Kaat, Emma and me in a yellow cab! Other Emma was sitting in front next to the creepy driver hahaha.
This was the last photodiary!
It was a trip to remember and we are still talking about it almost everyday.
So many great memories, so many great people, such an amazing city.
I really fell like coming home, so I'll go back for sure!

Thank you for your patience with the New York madness!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012