Monday, September 17, 2012

What I bought | Broadway

This was our challenge in the facebook group... BROADWAY

This was our first shoppingtrip. We went to Broadway, yes the same as the Broadway we all know, but the other side of the street. It's like a really nice district if you want to shop typical American brands, without spending a lot of money. We went crazy, although I didn't buy that much (which I totally regret) and of course arrived late at the 18pm appointment with the whole group. ;)
Oh and I also went crazy with the pictures, putting them in black and white because the real ones were all shitty colours.

Loungy Hollister sweater
Hoodie with full buttons (Hollister), just for school.

My absolute favourite (I wear it almost everyday) from H&M

And undies from Pink (Victoria's secret)

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Can't believe we booked this trip one year ago....
And sorry for bothering you with all this NY-shit, but I think Marie's pictures are really worth seeing, and my shoplogs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok maybe just Marie's pictures but now you're here, check out the whole shizzle)

Emma XXX

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