Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm really into healthy food and smoothies these days! They look so nice, fresh and colourful! PLUS they are great for summerbodies! Anyone? ;) I was just browsing through Instagram when I saw that Sofie Valkiers from Fashionata recommended following Lauren_ako on Instagram! I immediately found her and I absolutely love what she's posting! You can find smoothies with the recipes and colourbomb images on her Instagram! 

All images from Lauren_ako's Instagram

How can you resist those pictures filled with beautiful rainbow colours?
How's the studying?
XXX Emma

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Unfortunately, it's difficult to post on the blog these days... Since exams are coming, my (and Marie's too) days are filled with studying! YEEY  I do promise that I will be doing my best to keep you a little bit up to date :) And after those two weeks of fully loaded studying, there will be three free months waiting for me! And for you too, as we will be able to post A LOT :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

New essentials

I was in London last week because we had two days without school! D R E A M, the no-schoolpart and  the Londonpart! London is my favourite city in the world. I love how it's so worldly but still so intimate! That's why I want to make my life there once I graduated. Marie probably told you what she's going to study next year! I haven't...but it will be 'hotelmanagement' in Antwerp! Another city I love...

Back to the subject, I bought some new essentials because I definitely needed them. Talking about new All Stars and new sunnies! Quite sad because since I've got the new sunnies, the sun seems to be gone here in Belgium :/ 
I love my new All Stars, and since I've got them, I feel like wearing a lot of pink combined at once... But hey, without summer in the air, there can be summer in my outfit...

Lots of people have asked me if I coloured them myself... NO
Find them here

I simply LOVE this case
Find them here

Good luck with studying!

Monday, May 13, 2013


I recently discovered something new! It's becoming a real trend here in Belgium. It is called Angelheart. (Take a look at the Facebook page) The collection consists of silver charms on a silk string (which you have in different colours and also neons!) You have different 'messages': love, friendship, peace, happiness... (I have dream :) )You can wear your necklace every day because it's so simple but still so beautiful! They are all handmade in South Africa!
And if this wasn't enough to make you buy one... Angelheart donates a part of it's annual profit to Save the Rhino. This is a charity that tries to conserve the population of endangered rhinos in Africa en Asia.

They start from 29 EUR.
This is a list of shops in Belgium where you can find one! 

Histoires de femmes, Mechelen
Anna & Grace, Schilde
Anna & Grace, Grobbendonk
Follie, Aartselaar
Dressed, Wilrijk
Eline, Schoten
Audrey in the city, Lier
Louise, Herentals
Lila Grace, Antwerpen
Lila Grace Mortsel

Blue c’est gris, Gent
Par Terre, Sint-Martens-Latem
Super Fantastic, Sint-Denijs-Westrem
Rebelle, Drongen
Hautekeete, Deinze
Treffer, Zelzate

Dame de pique, Brugge
Enfin, Kortrijk
Noƫ by Julie, Waregem
Demoiselle, Poperinge
Ecris, Middelkerke
Lily, Oostende
Due, De Haan
@eighty5ive, Blankenberge

Oui, Hasselt
Bush Bazar, Hasselt
Karma feel good store, Heverlee
L’Histoire de Roo, Sint-Truiden
Amie Amie, Diest
Diverso, Bree
Roos, Neerpelt
Tops Fashion, Bilzen

SOHO Gallery, Grimbergen
Nicole Cadine by Sophie, Leuven
Bizou, Haacht
Maria Maria, Scherpenheuvel

Anna & Grace, Seraing

source: Facebook Angelheart Benelux


Hope you like it because I'm obsessed!
XXX Emma

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spotted: Wrap around nail rings

Image 3 of ASOS Two Pack Wrap Around Nail Rings 
Hey girliesss

Today I spotted something I've never seen before: wrap around nail rings!
I think these are quite awesome, but I doubt the fact if they are comfortable to work with or to type ...

Image 1 of ASOS Two Pack Wrap Around Nail RingsImage 4 of ASOS Two Pack Wrap Around Nail RingsImage 2 of ASOS Two Pack Wrap Around Nail Rings
Do you like these?
You can find them here


Sunday, May 5, 2013

These were the 50 days ...

It's a tradition to celebrate your last 50 days in high school and so we did!
You had to dress up following the dresscode which was fantasy.
In the way too early morning everybody went to the city to party and around 8 in the morning we arrived at school to continue the partying on the playground.
The 50 days, as we call them, were absolutely amazing!

Here are some pictures ...

Birgit (M&M) & me (Fiona from Shrek) presenting the show!

'Kind' group picture

Crazy group picture!

my whole outfit!

Me, Ellen (rainbow) & Birgit

Can't wait 'till high school is completely over!

Marie xxx

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Olivia is the sister of a very good friend of mine. She has started a shop in Kortrijk where she sells jewellery. She has got collections from all kinds of brands but she also designs her own. Her own brand is not very expensive but others can be. Most of them are working with gemstones, which explains the cost.

I received a 100 EUR gift card for Christmas and I recently used it! This is what I bought.



XXX Emma