Sunday, May 5, 2013

These were the 50 days ...

It's a tradition to celebrate your last 50 days in high school and so we did!
You had to dress up following the dresscode which was fantasy.
In the way too early morning everybody went to the city to party and around 8 in the morning we arrived at school to continue the partying on the playground.
The 50 days, as we call them, were absolutely amazing!

Here are some pictures ...

Birgit (M&M) & me (Fiona from Shrek) presenting the show!

'Kind' group picture

Crazy group picture!

my whole outfit!

Me, Ellen (rainbow) & Birgit

Can't wait 'till high school is completely over!

Marie xxx

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Charlotte said...

Superleuke foto's allemaal! Je 'fiona pak' is echt super:)