Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spotted: Denim

Coat, Hat, Unif Platforms, Jeans, Denim ShirtGlasses, (Last Year, Sold Out) Shoes, Jacket, BraceletOversized Denim Jacket, Grey Hoodie, Flannel Shirt, Long X Boy London Boy Top, ShoesFashion Pills Flower Cap, Forever 21 Tshirt, Asos Jumpsuit

Denim ...
Definitely a keeper!

What's your favourite denim item?

Mine is a denim jacket or a simple jeans. A jeans is never wrong.


Friday, March 22, 2013

What's in my bathroom compartment

Today I want to show you what's in my bathroom compartment!
I share my bathroom with my little brother so that's why you only see half of the cupboard.
There's also another closet where I can stuff my make-up and so on, but you can't notice on the pictures.

The whole cupboard

Let's go from bottom to top!

This is where I store all my products which I use in my daily morning and evening routine.
You're probably wondering what I am hiding in the little drawers, well this is - in my opinion - the best, the cleverest and least space-using way to storage your earrings and rings! I found these in Action, but only readers from the Netherlands and Belgium will know which store I mean ...

On the right side you can see my skin care products like the face wash and day cream from Vichy. I haven't used these products until three days ago , as you can notice, so it's a little bit hard to comment on their working. But I can tell that my first impression is rather good! It feels really gentle to my skin while other (maybe cheaper?) products can feel harming and they make your face look red.
The face wash smells very good, but the day cream not really. I see it as a good think that they didn't used perfumes which could irritate your skin.
When I pick out a new deodorant, I always choose one who doesn't have an overwhelming smell which gives you headaches. Dove is perfect for me! Oh and rollers are better for the environment!!

Let's go up!

On the right you can see a body splash from Hollister which smells sweet so it's more a summer product. The pink tube from l' Oréal is actually a face wash, but I coincidentally discovered that it's an amazing shaving cream! So I always put that on my legs if they need to be de-haired.
The hair serum is also from Action and is great! I almost use it every time after a shower or bath. The other 2 things are my lens products.

My perfumes are in the pink basket. Miss Dior Chérie is actually a deodorant, but I also use it as perfume. Parisienne from Yves Saint Laurent  is my going-out perfume because it's a little bit 'heavier', but sometimes I wear it to school too. My daily perfume is a limited edition from Nina Rici. If you look closely, there's also a roller perfume from Zara which I take with me in my handbag.

We reach the top!

My body lotions se trouvent on top! I have one from Hollister (same as the body splash!), Victoria's Secret (smells heavenly good) and H&M which I can't use because my brother thinks it smells really bad.
The pink basket isn't that interesting as you can see, it's where I store things like a new tooth brush.

That's it!
I hope you like this kind of post (feedback is welcome haha) ...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Working out #2 Booty

How did your first week go? Are your thighs already tighter?

I did the exercises (almost) every day and I'm proud of myself!
I don't see immediate difference, but that doesn't hold me back for this week: BOOTY
I got you and myself 4 work-outs so 'we' can still work on our thighs too, that's a good idea, right?

Good luck and for when it's hard: think about your new bikini and that hot boy on the beach ;)!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summer | We heart it!

We heart summer! I love 'We heart it' and that's why I decided to make a small inspiration with all my summerplans in it :) Of course, I used 'We heart it' pictures! Enjoy and dream...

Everything from


Monday, March 11, 2013

Working out #1 Legs

Train insane or remain the same

You can't really feel it yet here in Belgium, but summer is coming closer! And how I love summer!
But summer also means less clothes (not in a dirty minded way) and more skin.
I really want to keep my body healthy and my skin tight so my plan is to do YouTube work-outs at home.
I have been busy with these work-outs already, but now I want to do a part of my body each week. That way, I'll hope that it will be more effective and that I really see some process. Not that I need to lose weight, I just want to keep it healthy and I always feel so good after such a work-out!

This week I want to start with the legs.
Here are some videos which you will probably hate after you did them if you know what I mean haha.

So now we have a work-out a day until Sunday! I am really going to try this and I hope that I don't fail.

Are you in?
See you next Monday for a new working out week!
Good luck!

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Yesterday was an exciting day!
As you probably know, I'm a senior so next year I'm going to college.
I have been thinking about Chinese for some time and yesterday I went to the university to listen to a lot of information about this study and now my choice has been made.
Sinology it is!
I'm really excited to learn everything about the culture and of course how to speak Chinese. It is something I really want and that will make it fun to study, though I'll have to work really hard but that's normal when you learn a language like this. But I'm so looking forward to this!

To study Sinology I'll have to move to Ghent and I already checked out a studio over there.
It looked great and most likely I will get it. But then I really have to learn how to cook or I will die from starvation or I will get ridiculously fat from all the pizzas and french fries haha. No, I'll be fine :).

What do you think about my choice to study Sinology?
If you are getting graduated too, what are you going to study?

I love to hear it!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Le skull is everywhere

I love skulls! And as they're everywhere these days, I love them even more! I like skulls because they are subtile and playful! I do not like the heavy metal skulls if you know what I mean? But when they're simple, they're gorgeous! Get yourself some delicious arm candy! Hurry before I've bought it all...

Crème Fraîche @ Knokke (source: facebook)

Valerie's Bags & Accessoires to be LOVED @ Brugge (source: facebook)

Maison Coco @ Hove

Les Bourgeoises @ Kortrijk (source: facebook)

These are not only shops where they sell skulls they're also my secret spots! SSSST and enjoy...

XXX Emma

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lookbook | Casual

These outfits aren't that special, but they are sophisticated and personal I think!
I love this style, but I don't know if it's my thing (I don't know what my style is ...), I like to look at it :)


Saturday, March 2, 2013

New in

I scored this sweater at Zara for only 14,95! Unbelievable because I normally never find anything in big sales like those at Zara or H&M.

Present from my mum, got it at local shop Byttebier

New perfume, See by Chloé! I like all the Chloé perfumes and I rarely choose something else.

I saw this legging on Ms Aprilfish and I loved it. H&M.

New Seven! I love Seven!

How are you doing?
I wrote this post in the spirit of going to school again the next day!
So did you enjoy the week off (which was already two weeks ago)? I surely did! Nothing special happened, but I think having a chillweek is great too :) And Marie and I also went to our very first event! More about that on the blog! 

What about my 'new in'? You like it?
XXX Emma