Monday, March 18, 2013

Working out #2 Booty

How did your first week go? Are your thighs already tighter?

I did the exercises (almost) every day and I'm proud of myself!
I don't see immediate difference, but that doesn't hold me back for this week: BOOTY
I got you and myself 4 work-outs so 'we' can still work on our thighs too, that's a good idea, right?

Good luck and for when it's hard: think about your new bikini and that hot boy on the beach ;)!


1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Handig, van die filmpjes. ik probeer mezelf nog steeds zover te krijgen om oefeningen te gaan doen maar ik ben gewoon te lui denk ik:)
ps; er is een giveaway op mijn blog, doe je mee?