Sunday, March 10, 2013



Yesterday was an exciting day!
As you probably know, I'm a senior so next year I'm going to college.
I have been thinking about Chinese for some time and yesterday I went to the university to listen to a lot of information about this study and now my choice has been made.
Sinology it is!
I'm really excited to learn everything about the culture and of course how to speak Chinese. It is something I really want and that will make it fun to study, though I'll have to work really hard but that's normal when you learn a language like this. But I'm so looking forward to this!

To study Sinology I'll have to move to Ghent and I already checked out a studio over there.
It looked great and most likely I will get it. But then I really have to learn how to cook or I will die from starvation or I will get ridiculously fat from all the pizzas and french fries haha. No, I'll be fine :).

What do you think about my choice to study Sinology?
If you are getting graduated too, what are you going to study?

I love to hear it!

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