Thursday, June 28, 2012

Antwerp | The Shoplog

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I told you yesterday about me and my friends going to Antwerp. Well this is what I bought. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes, because the sales start Saturday. I'm going back to Antwerp with my parents on Sat, we will not be doing the Meir! ;) 

You see, I didn't shop that much!

Finally! The -desperately needed- legging

Blood Orange Body Butter from H&M, might do a review on that!

Forever 21 pyjamas, they look a lot like VS Pink, no?

Accessories! :) 
Marie will do a haul soon, when she comes back from RW! 
Enjoy your lazy vacation and let me know what you shopped at the sales, I will too! :)

xxx Emma

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Werchter


We're both a bit in a hurry, but that's always like that at the end of the exams.
I (Marie) am going to Rock Werchter this afternoon! I'll stay over there until Monday.
I'm really excited and also scared that I forget things and stuff.
My huge backpack weights (don't fall of your chair): 16.6 kg. I'M GONNA DIE!!!!
We'll have to take a lot of breaks when we walk to the camping haha.

Besides that, I'm so happy that I will see lots of my favourite bands and singers :)
You should check out the line up!

And I just realized that i forgot my bikini so I should look for that haha.

Bye sweet followers :)!!!


PS: I'll make a video haul when I come back, pinky promise!

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To celebrate the end of the exams, we went to 't stad' on Monday and yesterday we went to Antwerp, with the New York gang. :) I'm a bit in a hurry now, but tomorrow I will post my shoplog! :)

xxx Emma

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inspiration | Neon

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Every look is from pinterest or lookbook

! We all love neon, but there are some rules you might need to follow! Beware of every neon star (see pink, yellow or green) and especially in earrings (we do NOT want to go back to tectonik periods). And do not mix two different neons. And no polyester ruffles (or anything that could remind us of Nicki or Willow)! That's it. Except from that, just go ahead and sprinkle some neon over your life!

Emma XXX

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like a dog

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Dress: unknown
Shoes: Cecile
Necklace: H&M

You may be wondering why the name of this post is 'Like a dog'. 
That's because when I was wearing this outfit to school, some guys said that my necklace looked like:
 a leash for dogs. 
Well, uhm, thanks?

The thing is that I like it, so they won't stop me from wearing it!
You see, even a simple necklace like this one causes commotion at my school...

Can you believe it?


Sunday, June 17, 2012


At this moment Emma and I are probably learning learning and learning.
But during the breaks it's always fun to look at beautiful jewellery like all these from!
You should really take a look at the shop, they have nice stuff for nice prices. There's only one thing I regret: you have to pay quite a lot for the shipment ...

What do you think about these jewels?

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Note: I discovered this online shop by myself!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alicia Grunge

Alicia Grunge

Zadig Voltaire oversized cashmere sweater
£295 -

£109 -

Leather wedge
€200 -

Chanel gold stud earrings

Chan luu scarve
$135 -

$20 -

Chloé fragrance
$110 -

KIKO nailpolish °290

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I love this colour! It's so happy :)
I've got this one from my best friend Gloria from Italy, it's from Kiko.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Endless wishlists

Asos Cardigan with heart elbowpatches
Paul and Joe Sister Coral handbag

American Apparel charcoal legging

Asos passport holder (would fit perfectly to our trip to...yeah)
Erin Wasson earrings

Zoe Karssen tshirt I saw Daphne Deckers wearing on Topmodel NL
and now desperately in love with it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


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First: we've reached over 3000 pageviews!
We are so happy that our blog is growing like this, not to slow not to fast.
Thank you very much!

Friday after school I went to some stores with my mum and these are some items I bought:

Neon dress from H&M
Bun maker from Claires
100% New York travel guide

Earrings from Asos, bought them last week but I wanted to show you them anyway.

Earrings from H&M 
Shoes for Rock Werchter from H&M (which I'll probably have to do away after the festival haha)

Monday our first exam: Economics