Thursday, June 28, 2012

Antwerp | The Shoplog

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I told you yesterday about me and my friends going to Antwerp. Well this is what I bought. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes, because the sales start Saturday. I'm going back to Antwerp with my parents on Sat, we will not be doing the Meir! ;) 

You see, I didn't shop that much!

Finally! The -desperately needed- legging

Blood Orange Body Butter from H&M, might do a review on that!

Forever 21 pyjamas, they look a lot like VS Pink, no?

Accessories! :) 
Marie will do a haul soon, when she comes back from RW! 
Enjoy your lazy vacation and let me know what you shopped at the sales, I will too! :)

xxx Emma


Nathalie Van den Berg said...

Leuk! Ik ga zaterdag ook de stad in, vooral om bij forever 21 leuke juweeltjes te scoren aan goedkope prijzen hihi :D
Nathalie -

Eline said...

wat een leuke oorbellen zeg!
Geweldig dat marie naar rw is! Ik had daar ook zoooo graag heen gewild. Ze hebben echt een super line-up!