Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Werchter


We're both a bit in a hurry, but that's always like that at the end of the exams.
I (Marie) am going to Rock Werchter this afternoon! I'll stay over there until Monday.
I'm really excited and also scared that I forget things and stuff.
My huge backpack weights (don't fall of your chair): 16.6 kg. I'M GONNA DIE!!!!
We'll have to take a lot of breaks when we walk to the camping haha.

Besides that, I'm so happy that I will see lots of my favourite bands and singers :)
You should check out the line up!

And I just realized that i forgot my bikini so I should look for that haha.

Bye sweet followers :)!!!


PS: I'll make a video haul when I come back, pinky promise!

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