Friday, June 8, 2012

Trucker hats and summer feelings

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You might already know, but Marie and I are going to New Yooooork! :) Together with two other friends(Kaat en Emma), we're joining a summercamp!!! :) We're really excited and busy with all kind of arrangements. See: trucker hats with suitable quotes, playlists and what handbag we should take! This is definately going to be a lifetime memory! If you have any tips and tricks to give! Give! ;) For example: what songs we neeeed to put on the playlist, what stores we neeeeed to check out and which cupcakes we neeeeeeed try....! ;) Everything is welcome! At least we have something to look forward to and to get us trough those hard studytimes! 

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hessster said...

super vet! alvast heel veel plezier en veeeel foto's maken :)