Monday, March 11, 2013

Working out #1 Legs

Train insane or remain the same

You can't really feel it yet here in Belgium, but summer is coming closer! And how I love summer!
But summer also means less clothes (not in a dirty minded way) and more skin.
I really want to keep my body healthy and my skin tight so my plan is to do YouTube work-outs at home.
I have been busy with these work-outs already, but now I want to do a part of my body each week. That way, I'll hope that it will be more effective and that I really see some process. Not that I need to lose weight, I just want to keep it healthy and I always feel so good after such a work-out!

This week I want to start with the legs.
Here are some videos which you will probably hate after you did them if you know what I mean haha.

So now we have a work-out a day until Sunday! I am really going to try this and I hope that I don't fail.

Are you in?
See you next Monday for a new working out week!
Good luck!

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