Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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Привет всем добро пожаловать в игры принцесс,
I suppose nobody understands what the first sentence means nor would I know if I didn’t use Google Translate. ;) It’s Russian so if you want to find out what I’ve typed… 
Check these photos below!




Big Momma is in tha houseee

Aren’t they adorable?? Oh, I could hug them to death! We will keep two kitties at home and the other two will receive another home. We still have one kitty who has not yet found a home (it’s the one with the white and black), unfortunately I cannot ship it to Canada or any other country in fact. ;) We’ve decided to give our two new cats  very original names: the white one will be called: YIN and the black one will be called: YANG. I suppose everybody knows Yin and Yang? If you want an explanation, visit: http://fly.cc.fer.hr/~shlede/ying/yang.html (yes, I like symbolic things! J)

A few months ago, I bought some new sunglasses. It was an investment but I like to see such things in long term (in about 20 years my sunglasses will have costed 10 euros a year). Cheap sunglasses can be very pretty but they don’t protect your eyes against the sun!

Do you prefer cheaper sunglasses and more variation or rather one pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes?

Love Bibi 


Liquorice and Pumps said...

How sweet! Love the pics, I'm looking for a kitten actually, Love those sweet furry creatures :D



Anna Do said...

Hey I love the last sunglasses, I think you're right when you say it is better to protect your eyes from the sun. It is a good option to pay 10 euros a year...

Well, I follow your blog since you let me know your link via fashiolista.