Sunday, July 22, 2012


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Hey, you all!

Birgit, Marie & Emma
For some time i’m going to replace my 2 fabulous friends! But before I’ll start a new topic I sure as hell will introduce myself (so you can’t forget me ;)).
My name is Birgit and i’m a classmate of Ems and Marie (YEY ‘cause they are awesome??). I live in Rollegem, most of you won’t know where it is, but if you remember i’m from Belgium than it’s more than enough! My hobbies are very interesting: the one that I practise the most is watching TV-series. I hope you all know 90210, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars (WHEN WILL WE KNOW WHO THE REAL A IS?), Gossip Girl (gosh Serena was such a fail as GG), ANTM and the newest serie that i’m following is True Blood. Yes, I know, I am freak. Ems and Marie already read the books of PLL and you can trust on their word when they say the books keep it thrilling.
I have 3 sisters: Elien (27), Judith (22) and Jenny (19). One of them, Judith, has her own online shop! The shop is still in process but Judith has already a great amount of gadgets! The one I love THE most is the vibrating relaxation cushion!!

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See you next time!

Love Bibi 

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