Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspiration | American flag

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I know, I'm kind of late with this 4th of Julything, but these are some pictures I do not want to withhold on you! American flags all over this summer! En besides, not only stars and stripes, but union jacks as well! :)

All images are from Lookbook and Pnterest.

I'm writing this post with in my one hand, a busy to-do-list, I'm leaving Sunday for Italy and I still have a lot of work! + my mum can't stop giving me chores! 
I wish you all a safe Friday 13th!

Emma X

1 comment:

Josephine said...

Ik vind de amerikaanse vlag ook zo tof! Ik vind het alleen jammer dat iedereen met de sjaal loopt, daardoor heb ik er geen gekocht en vind ik hem nu niet meer leuk haha.