Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's in my bag

Hi :)
I've always wanted to make this kind of post. And with this week's holiday, I've had enough time to prepare it for you!
So voilà... You'll be surprised by the content of this small bag :)

What 's in my bag (zara)
-Wreck this journal (soon an intermediate!)
-Anti bacterial gel
-Wallet Marc by Marc Jacobs
- crappy(!) iPhone (battery is dead) because my Blackberry was stolen (like Marie said)
-Gopass (unused!)
-One lost pound from my last trip to London
-Small satchel with lipbalm and a hairclip
-Cable from my camera

What's in yours?

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Flo. said...

O een Wreak this Journal lijkt me zo leuk, ik wil het ook hebben! En wat een mooie iphone. Leuke dingen xxx

Yeux De Princesses said...

Een wreak this journal is echt leuk! Je vindt ze in Urban Outfitters :)
Dankjewel :)
xxx Emma

Léa said...

Oh very nice pictures :D

DictatesofFashion said...

Love the Marc Jacobs wallet !