Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pre-prom @ Marie's place

Emma, such a model!

Emma & Emma, best friends

Emma and me (Marie)

Me (Marie), Emma and Gloria

maxi, mini & maxi

Emma & me (Marie) acting superodd, but that's just us haha :)

Emma, Emma, Marie, Steffi, Gloria & Herlinde
The actual prom wasn't that much fun as I expected, but I laughed a lot with Emma. She was a little tipsy and as a really good friend I took care of here, she really appreciated it (read: she hugged me like all the time!). 
Thanks girls for the awesome time!


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Yeux De Princesses said...

Love your post!(even if I look ugly on most of it ;)
And your welcome! I loved it!
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Marijke said...

Wat heb je hier een mooi kleedje aan!!

DictatesofFashion said...

Nice heels!