Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homemade eye candy

Last week was hidden friends week at school, which means that you have to give a little present to someone in your class. Normally I don't bake a lot, but I thought this would be the occasion to show my cooking skills. I always have success with my cupcakes, so I didn't had to think much about what to make.

The topping is soft pink, which looks super cute I think and since I love pastel colors I made the cake itself blue/green. I think it's a nice combination (although some thought that I made a terrible mistake because of the color ..)!

Do you like these calorie bombs?


Ps: Do you want me to make a video baking these cupcakes or other things?

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Instant Flowers said...

mm ziet er goed uit! en dat bovenste is zo mooi gelukt :)

Juce♠ said...

I really love these pictures!


Marie said...

Mmh, die zien er echt geweldig uit!! Vooral die topping is super leuk!!

Justalazymorning said...