Thursday, February 23, 2012

New scarf

Hi :)
When you look at the right side of our blog, you can see that we've used some words to describe ourselves.
Mine says: scarfs! Which may sound weird because I've never mentioned it before.
But YES: I'm addicted to scarfs. And I know why. My dad is too! I should sneek in his wardrobe and capture it for you, so you 'll understand ;)
That's not what I wanted to say, I went to my hometown Kortrijk with my best friend (also named Emma).
I hadn't seen her for three days, which is long in friend terms. We had to chat and exchange gossip!
So when this happened and when there were two fruitpies less in the world, we started our shoptour.
I wasn't planning to buy something, but as you can guess...

Scarf by Zara, can be used as a pareo too

Is this a good purchase you think?
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Emma :)

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