Friday, February 3, 2012

Asos order arrived!

Follow Yeux De PrincessesHi :)
I ordered some make-up things on Asos, Saturday :) I was really surprised that it arrived today...
Normally it takes a week, but the sooner, the better!
First, I ordered a liquid eye liner. I saw it one of my friends and I think 
it's very useful! This one is from Stila, as I know that Stila is the best.

I also ordered a bare minerals tutorial for cheeks :)
It consists of two powders and a brush with two sides. You also had to cut out
a card with tips and tricks for every face shape.

These are the two colours:

Right: The lovely blush
Left: Pure radiance all-over face color

You just have to follow the 3 steps and you'll have the perfect blush!
Step 1: Contour
Step 2: Soften
Step 3: Detail
The first step is different from face to face.
That's why there's a card with cheek tricks :)
When Marie is coming tomorrow, I'll try it on her!
No panic Marie!!! I think you have a heart face... Hmmm

Emma :)
PS: Tomorrow we'll be participating to a quiz, wish us luck!

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Beautyshine said...

Je kan ook sinds vandaag op mijn site volgen..
en die kleur van de oogschaduw is mooi.

liefs Sherry