Friday, December 7, 2012

The ultimate wishlist | Emma

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Santa is in town, so I think we should start giving him hints on what we want. Right? 

1. If you haven't been such a good girl: (<10 EUR)
Find it here

2. If you have been a girl with a lot of moodswings: (>20 EUR)
Find it here

3. If you were sometimes nice to hang around with: (50 EUR)
Find it here

4. If you put a smile on other people their face: (>100 EUR)
Find it here

5. If you passed all your exams: (200 EUR)
Find it here


5. If you have been veeery joyful towards your mum: (>400 EUR)
Find it here

6. For Saints only:

Find it here

You know what to do!
XXX Emma
PS: good luck with your exams


kirsten said...

Lovely wishlist I really like that sweater!

Charlotte said...

Superleuk, die trui is echt geweldig, wel een beetje duur:)
ps; wil je misschien meeoden met de giveawat op mijn blog, zou ik echt super vinden!