Sunday, December 16, 2012

Best look-alike | Motorcycle bag

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Remember my post on the Balenciaga-motorcycle-bag inspired bag from H&M (HERE) Well turns out I actually don't use this bag anymore because as said it was only a temporary solution. And I really want the actual Motorcycle bag? :)

I'm really against fake bags (like for example the ones you find in Turkey or Morocco) but look-alikes  -I think- are quite ok. The brand isn't written on it and it's usually better quality than the fakeeee stuff. Just surfing around on The Blonde Salad and I saw Chiara wearing a sweater from Minusey. I clicked on the website, and as I'm interested in accessories (always and everywhere!) I saw a gorgeous and cheap look-alike Motorcycle bag. HAVE A LOOK!

I'm seriously thinking on ordering it!
XXX Emma
PS: Blue or grey?

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Wow, they are awesome!