Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paris | Day 1

We had to be at school at 5.30 am (!!!) and about 6 o'clock we finally left with the bus to Paris.
We first arrived in Versailles, it's actually a little town just outside Paris. We visited the Palace and the huge garden. It was so windy and cold that day, such a pity.

Emma, Marie & Laura
(left to right) Marie, Sarah, Ellen, Arne, Birgit, Emma & Laura

Unfortunately we had to stay at a F1 hotel. It's even not the name hotel worth it actually.
It was the dirtiest hotel I've ever seen! Showers on the hall with hair all over the place, toilets, also on the hall, where I just don't have the words for ... It was horrible! 
But you have to make the things fun by yourself, so that's what we did. 
Though, you should NEVER go to these hotels, even for a night! I warned you ;)

Then we left the 'hotel' for our first promenade. I don't remember the exact places anymore, so I'll just show you the pictures :)!


Thomas and Marie (me), so painful for me haha!
Marie, Kaat, Emma, Laura, Sarah & Charlotte

Birgit, Gloria & Ellen

Tomorrow day 2!

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Die foto met de sloten is zeer fijn! :)