Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cracked nailpolish by H&M

Follow Yeux De PrincessesDo you remember that time I(Emma) went to Antwerp and bought a cheap cracked nailpolish? No?Click here
Well, I finally found the time to review it! I'm sure you can still find it at H&M for only 3,95euros in black or silver. I chose the black version, because I had seen the OPI one. I was really happy because of the fact I couldn't afford myself an OPI.
I can say that H&M did not disappointed me -as I expected- but it sort of surprised me. It doesn't have the sparkly finishing touch like I saw on the OPI-review. It's less shiny but I still think it has the cool effect a cracked polish should give. So it's definately worth the almost 4euros, seen for its price/quality.

PS: At this very moment, I'm probably tanning in or exploring South-America. And Marie is posting this. So I hope you all enjoy your holiday.
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I used a simple silver polish as a basecoat

This is the silver after two layers. (which I recommend) 

TADAM! (although the picture isn't that good)

I used Sephora's 'magic' trick, just dip your finger in it, turn and off it goes.

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