Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's kind of a funny story

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I had way too many clothes with me on my holiday, that's for sure! But at least I had a chance to choose what I wanted to wear haha. Here's an outfit from last week's holiday :) ( All the pictures are taken by my sweet cousin)


Jumper is from Bershka (if I write it correct), trousers from Seven, bracelet unknown, sunglasses from Ray Ban, slippers from Roxy.
There's actually a funny story about the slippers! So before I took these pictures I went to the center (by walking) with Louise (my sweet cousin) and I was wearing my new mint blue/green loafers from Asos. Knowing myself, I shouldn't have done that because I returned with so much pain I couldn't even put them on just for the pictures haha :).

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hihi :)

Do you have problems with new shoes too ;)?