Friday, January 4, 2013

Sales adventures

Hey girls!

Yesterday I went shopping with one of my best friends Eva and for the change we didn't go to Antwerp but we hopped on the train to our capital Brussels. We don't know Brussels that good but I thought that everything would work out quite well with some help from a touristic guide. Unfortunately we seem to suck in reading carts and finding the road and when we asked people to help us they spoke English, even if they were living in Brussels for more than 16 years. Wouldn't it be time to learn one of our three languages? Right ... We decided to take the metro and because we were so happy to finally sit down we took it in the wrong direction, Murphy's law was in the game haha. In the end we found all the stores we wanted to see and we found our way back home :)

Creepers from Urban Outfitters - Shorts from Zara

Cos - Local (scarf)

                                                            Local - Zara (t-shirt)                                                                                                     
I also got an awesome jumper with a sequin tiger on it! But I'm already wearing it so I couldn't picture it :).
And a dress for a birthday party of a really good friend! It's blue and pink.
Did you already scored some sales?
I especially love my new shoes!!!


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