Monday, January 7, 2013

My life as a veggie #1

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It's Monday uuuugh.
But today was a special Monday for me and my friend Emma (not Emma from the blog).
Today we decided to stop eating meat, although we will continue eating fish.

I think this challenge won't be such a big problem for me as I don't really like meat.
But I have to admit that I will miss some of it, but I think that I'll allow myself sometimes to eat it. It's not mentally healthy otherwise haha.
Emma is a real carnivore, but I'm sure she will survive too!
We will be veggies until her birthday party on the 18th, after that specific date, well, we'll see...


Why are we doing this?

1. It's really healthy
2. It would prevent cancer
3. It helps you to get rid of your acne (++)
4. Trying something new is good
5. Variation is good
6. We love animals, but to be honest: that's not our main reason

Are you or have you ever tried being a vegetarian?If so, I'd love to hear some nice recepies.


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