Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review Kiko soft touch blush

Follow Yeux De PrincessesHi there!

Finally getting some sun here in Belgium. FINALLY!

Some time ago I went to Lille (France) where you have Kiko, an Italian make-up brand which is not too expensive and has lots of choice!

There I bought this blush:
The blush is wrapped in a nice box.

Tadaaam! The blush!

 And here are some swatches:

You really can't apply to much: the blush is pigmented (?) very well.

After I went over it with the brush.

The blush has a nice and natural finish, like 'my cheeks but better'.
I recommend it!

Did you know Kiko already?



MsAprilFish said...

Ziet er goed uit. Ik heb dezelfde donsovertrek! :)

MsAprilFish said...

Ik heb zelf geen Kiko in mijn stash maar hoorde al veel goede commentaren. En, ik heb dezelfde donsovertrek ;)