Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obey your body | Nail care

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After today's schooltrip, I decided to treat my nails and I used my Obey your body nail care set (You find everything here) I think it's a really good one, there are two files and a cuticle- and handcream. Basically, it's really simple. The box says manicure but I think a manicure is a slightly bigger and heavier job! There are only three simple steps. 
First you need to equal your nailborders with the inclusive file. 
Second: you use the four different sides of the large 'cube' to polish and shine up your nail surface. 
Third: Use the cuticle cream and slightly knead your finger tips, and last: use the handcream (it smells terrific)
All shiny and new :)

It does make a difference! I never want to begin with it because I'm too lazy but the result is appaling.

Emma :)

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