Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Magnetic nailpolish | nails inc

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Like I said we went to Lille on Friday. I wanted to get a yellow OPI but I couldn't find the lemon I was looking for. Instead I found the amazing magnetic polish from Nails Inc (trafalgar square). I've read a lot about the magnetic polish and I think it's a great concept. I mean, I would never think of making a polish with small magnetic pieces in it! What a technology! ;) Though, there are some negative points I'd like to mention too.

The magnet is the upper side.
First you make a base coat, because the polish isn't thick enough to do it all in once.

The second layer is the good one, just put a thick one over the base coat and then place the magnet against your cuticle. Don't place it too close because otherwise it will ruin your second layer if you don't pay attention!

I really like it and I think the colour is rock'n'roll but sometimes it reminds me of a finger that got stuck between the door ;) So I try to make different patterns than the half-circles you get, by placing the magnet on the leftside of your finger instead of the cuticle! Go and get one! :)


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Eline said...

echt heel leuk, zo'n magnetische nagellak! Ga ik ook maar eens proberen!