Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tea tree face mask

Hi :)
I want to present you one of my favourite face masks. (thanks to Marie)
You can find it at the body shop in the 'Tea Tree' section. 

It's a green mask that doesn't dry on your face, which I think is quite negative because that way it's harder to remove. And if you have a sensitive skin don't listen to the package, which says you have to keep it 10-15 minutes on your face. Just do 5-10, otherwise you'll look like a lobster.
It reminds me of a spa or wellness, it's very rich and deep. I use it once a week, but then I don't use  my cleanser. After I'm done , my face is very soft and less oily. That's why I recommend it to you!

Emma :)
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Yeux De Princesses said...

I bought my mask in London at St. Pancreas :D
When I use it, I leave it one for about 20 min :). xxx Marie