Saturday, March 17, 2012

Les jeans

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It's a great day today, I received my first chanel nailpolish. And what a fantastic colour!
You have probably seen this line of their nailpolishes . It's called les jeans, (which explains this post's title and also the colours ofc) and it consists of three blues (blues haha).Blue boy, blue rebel and coco blue! I've chosen coco blue as it will look fantastic this summer (even if these are from last autumn collection) because of the pastel tint. I've never used chanel polish so compared to all my mavala's: it is terrific! It stays 3 days longer than my usual stuff. If you want the blue blue blue effect, you shoud at least layer it twice! (twice on the pictures)
Thank you mum! I love it :)

Emma :)

Marie says: as a nailpolishaddict I must say that the chanel nailpolishes are really good and I love this colour!

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