Sunday, March 4, 2012

A friend is a second self

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EDIT: This post was supposed to come online yesterday! Sorry!
We went to the city (Kortrijk) this afternoon where we worked a little for the blog (post will come up soon!), we ate or lunch on a nice place and we shopped a little! 

Pictures say more than words so time for some scrolling...

Portrait from Emma

Emma being ecologic, her drinking can filled with water.

Emma's lunch doesn't look so tasty this way, but I'm sure it was very yummie!
Emma says: it was very tasty :)

Me (Marie), b&w because it wasn't beautiful in colour (and my scarf looks so weird!)

My (Marie) lunch, mmmm brie and honey!

Normally I (Marie) would have taken a coke but Emma reminded my of the fact that I wanted to live more healthy so I took sparkling water! 
There is also an outfitpost from both of us coming up so stay around!


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