Monday, January 23, 2012

Wreck this journal

Hi :)
I'm back from London since yesterday. I ain't got any pictures to show you, but I have my reasons for that.
London to me, is not the touristic city that's known by everyone. It's very different from the idea that everyone has of it. So that's why I didn't want to take the typical pictures. And also because I was in lack of time.
I decided to dedicate this 'shoplog' to my new book: Wreck this journal. :)

I know the book is not very new, but I never found it when it just came out.
I bought this one in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street; 8,99£

This is how the book looked before I started it.
The idea is very clear: wreck this journal. On every page in the book, there's an assignment. For example: take this book with you in the shower. I think it's real fun                                              
Since I have it, I take it everywhere with me.

I started with some of the instructions and here are some of them:

 Score with the paperchunk through WTJ

Use WTJ as your napkin.

And these are only a few of them. It's obvious that it takes a while before you finish it :)
Emma :)
PS: I bought 'This is not a book' for Marie, by the same author.
PPS: I also bought shoes for the prom of my school:


Yeux De Princesses said...

Emma! Loooooove this post! Really fun pictures and omg the shoes! You're going to be waaaay to high :) xxx Marie

Yeux De Princesses said...

Thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuu :) Gnigni :) I'll be huge :) xx Ems