Thursday, January 19, 2012

The outfit#1

Hi :)
This is my weekly 'The Outfit'. As this is the moment for sales, I wanted to make an outfit
with my favourite sale items. I strolled around all my number 1 e-shops, and started to work on it :)

I really love the camel colour and the small touches that remind me of cargo trousers.

This super soft mohair sweater has a magnificent colour.

I still haven't found the perfect biker boots yet,but these are very close to perfection.

Sales, a perfect moment to buy the it bag you've always wanted... This is mine...

There won't be any guilt needed, because you can all buy these pieces with reduction!
And if you can't even buy some small things in the sales....

Emma :)
PS: tomorrow a post about snow...


Mariete Wijnstra said...

Omg die tas van Mulberry is echt prachtig... Tijdloos!

Liefs, Mariette

Judith said...

Die broek en tas zijn echt superleuk! :)