Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lip smackers Coca-Cola

Christmas seems already far away, although it has been just a month.
I spent Christmas day with my fathers side of my family and our habit is that the kids give little presents to each other.
My little niece had to give a present to me and I've got a nice lamp and these lip smackers (which she bought  all by herself, sweet right :)? )

one of the tastes
 It's a fun thing to have I think :)

Have you tried these lip smackers already?


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Kiki said...

Oehh die lijkt me lekker (:

b and e said...

Hi there! just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment about my painting! Hope you are well ~Elishia :)

Judith said...

Oeh, ziet er goed uit :)

Margot et/ou Marine said...

So' funny! I want the same!

Julie D. said...

Ik heb dezelfde :)

the goldfish girl said...

so cute and vintage!!!wellcome to the blog world!!!I m following you!!!


Lutfi Fadhila said...

does it taste cola? haha


Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

Ziet er leuk uit ^^ een vriendin van me heeft er zo ook met Fanta smaak :p x