Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My ultimate friends

No I'm not making a top 5 with my best friends, because that would be stupid! I'm making a top 5 with my favourite beauty friends! Marie gave me inspiration with the pictures of her bathroom stash :) (here)
Here we go!
Number 1 I love perfume! I always buy a Chloé one because I love them all. Currently I'm using the new See by Chloé.

Number 2 A beauty cliché is the YSL touche éclat. This is a life saver when you're tired! Although I sometimes use it for pimples too!

Number 3 Silver is known to be good for your skin. I use this one daily!

Number 4 Lipbalm should be in my top 5! This one is from H&M and it's really good. Generally seen, H&M products are often good!

Number 5 Perfume rollers come in very useful! Drop them in your handbag and you can refresh yourself in no time! Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture is my fav!

How about yours?
XXX Emma

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