Saturday, August 25, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY | disposable camera

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I remember when I was a little kid and I went on a school trip to an amusement park or something, that my mum gave me a disposable camera to (duh) take pictures. I actually have no clue how they might have turned out haha. Over a year ago, I bought myself a disposable camera to experiment a little bit.
And since today I'm able to show you the result (which pleases me very well actualy!)!


Me, my friend took this when we actually thought the camera was 'empty'. Apparently not.

London (ofcourse),  look esp. at all the red in this picture!



The Belgian coast last summer, when the sun actually shined.

The Belgian coast. This picture looks like it's 50 years old, I think!


My best friend Gloria in Kronplatz.
Laurence last year at Rock Werchter.
Rain. Interesting.
Fails haha.

I already started using a second one which I got from a good friend Simon for my birthday back in October.

This kind of photography is so awesome!