Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Differences | H&M

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I'm back from London since Monday and it was just so great. The atmosphere is so overwhelming and you can feel it everywhere. Even though we didn't get tickets for the games we could feel the vibes and follow the games thanks to large screens hung up in the whole citycenter. In Hyde Park, there was this festivalish thing with artists and screens so you could enjoy games and music at the same time. Unfortunately I haven't got pics, thank you so much silly camera. I'm gon' try to steal some of my mum's iPhone gni :-) ASAP

Have you actually ever noticed the differences between the same brands in different countries? The most noticeable example I know is H&M. In Belgium it is soon declared as ugly and 'margi'. But in London en France you can find beautiful things not looking like the cheap price they value. On the lower floor in Selfridges -so called street fashion- you can find the cheaper brands (yes Monki Marie!!) and there was this little H&M-corner which I think is brilliant so you don't have to go to a real one with the massive crowds. This is what I bought and I'm pretty happy about it (not that clothes make happy, nooo not at all ;-))

Grey soft sweater with rhinestones at the sleeves, like bracelets

Detail of the sleeve

Texture of the awesome kind of jogging I bought

The awesome pants I bought :-)

So, have you ever noticed? 
Enjoy the weather (ahum)
Emma XXX

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Gladys said...

Mooie trui! Heb deze trui ook zien hangen in Antwerpen, in de trend sectie, love it.