Monday, February 18, 2013

Paul Smith - Our first 'event'!

Thursday 14 February -Valentine's Day- Marie and I decided to go to our very first event. We received an invitation to have a sneekpeek at the Paul Smith summer collection. This event took place in the Paul Smith flagship store in Antwerpen. Unfortunately we did not stay very long, but we can tell it was lovely! There was food, a cocktail bar (what do you need more), a DJ... :)

Marie: I immediately fell in love with this dress, but then it broke my heart when I saw the price: €265
Too bad, but maybe I'll find a look-a-like in H&M or Forever 21!

Emma: I really love this dress too! I also liked the 'top' version of it! 

Marie: Gorgeous details!
Emma: Really nice, Marie spotted the detail!

Marie: Socks are definitely underrated, we should show them more :)
Emma: I think Marie is right! Get yourself a pair of too short trousers and show your socks, ladies!

Marie: I bet that my mum would have bought this when I was still little Marie.

Emma: I think the shop is really nice decorated! I would love a wall like this in my future home!

Marie: They looked good, they tasted good!
Emma: Cocktail bars are always great!

Emma: Socks are taking over at Paul Smith!

Emma: Nice DJ!

Emma: Great fingerfood!

Emma: I also want to say Antwerpen is my favourite city beside Kortrijk (hometown)!
XXX Emma and Marie

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Anonymous said...

Great dress indeed. The price is quite normal (and not overly expensive if you consider quality fabric and the fact that it's not made a low cost country). Maybe you should consider to save money to buy a more expensive but certainly more qualitative garment instead of buying 10 dresses at a high street chain. Just sayin'!