Monday, November 5, 2012

My holiday | New in

New friends! Except the blonde (Erien), we came together :)
'Fall Break' is over!
I didn't get that much rest, my week was kinda full.
Friday right after school I went on a course to become a monitor on language camps in summer.
We drove all the way from Ghent to Villeneuve-de-Berge (in the Ardeche, France) to spend there 5 days of hard working and paying attention to the workshops. It was so cold over there! Every time we went outside my hands were so red because of the freezing temperatures. I even saw snow, really!
Me with the hairy cap = FREEZING
But all this wasn't for nothing, I'm now a teacher for kids who are 8-14 years old and I can teach them French & English! It's not really with lessons, more playing games to learn.
Thursday was an unproductive day, all I did was sleeping and watching television.
Friday night I went with my best friend Gloria to the city to have a beer and a chat and afterwards we went with David & Cedric to the movies and we watched James Bond's Skyfall. Great movie, even if your not really into James Bond!
Saturday I went to the city again but this time with my mum and we did a little shopping (see 'new in') and yesterday my mum baked waffles! Sooooo good :)

I hope you had a great break! xxx Marie

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